A company to which quality is of the utmost importance, why people choose our metal sheet!

Naka Ltd. offers the following services:

· Cutting sheets from a roll into panels of desired dimensions

· Longitudinal cutting of sheets in thickness of 0.45-2.00 mm

· Freight transport to any address

Transverse cutting of rolled sheet metal is a process that requires precision and expertise.
With the help of our well-trained employees and professional machines, we have the opportunity to offer you quality sheet metal panels with flat edges stacked and packed on wooden pallets.

Our hydraulic shears and straighteners process sheets 0.35 mm-2.00 mm thick with a precision of ± 0.2 mm, customer requested length, with entrance strip width up to 1,500 mm and the weight of the finished packages up to 3,000 kg.

Longitudinal cutting of sheets is a complex process in which the sheet metal is cut lengthwise into narrower strips.

The entrance width of the roll is up to 1,500 mm, the minimum width of the longitudinal cut strip is 30 mm, and the required thickness is 0.45 mm – 2.00 mm.