Although the health crisis hampered the business during the previous year, entrepreneurs throughout Serbia worked hard to maintain and improve their companies. Naka Ltd. as an importer and distributor of galvanized, plasticized, and cold-rolled sheet metal, is one of the leading companies in its field, not only in Serbia but also throughout the region.

During years of service, Naka Ltd. has built a reputation as a reliable business partner. We maintain this title by consistently and responsibly expanding our program and harmonizing products with international standards.

Our absolute goal is the satisfaction of all clients. This objective is ambitious but is also achievable, and we reach it through reliability and flexibility. A company is rarely prepared to accept all its clients’ suggestions, requests, and ideas, but Naka Ltd. stands out in this field.

The latest innovation in Naka Ltd. consists of two new systems – a machine for cutting sheet metal rolls into panels and a machine for longitudinal cutting of said rolls.

Naka Ltd. has for years maintained state-of-the-art production lines that allow us to supply our business partners with galvanized, plasticized, and cold-rolled sheet metal. We have decided to supplement our high-tech line to keep track of the market demand.

Clients come first

The new machines will work without interruption, which will contribute to the company’s broader range of products and faster delivery of stock. These machines for cutting rolled sheet metal will enable the company to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers because the product they distribute will be able to be sent to customers in several different forms – in rolls, panels, or longitudinal cuts.

Decades of experience and professional training

The new lines will help us keep track of work orders, which are increasing every day. Since the installation of new machines also includes training, experts from Chinese manufacturers will hold training sessions for our employees, responsible for their maintenance.

The new machines and the genuine enthusiasm for meeting the market’s needs and the customers mark the beginning of a new era of business for Naka Ltd. In light of the previous year, this venture and the success of Belgrade-based importers and distributors are even more significant at a second glance. Professional staff and additional guidance from experts from China will further contribute to the development of this company.